10 reasons to choose KE Durasol

10 reasons to choose KE Durasol
  1. KE Durasol Awnings’ products are crafted with pride in the USA. With Durasol, you get years of experience, a trustworthy name, a high-quality product, and expert local representation.
  2. Your Total Shading Solution – Choosing KE Durasol shading solutions we offer one of the largest selections of fabrics and frame colors. You can select from a wide variety of product options to create your unique shading system, Want a particular color? Deck much larger than average? You want automatic functionality? Need an awning capable of withstanding inclement weather? All of these things can be accommodated with KE Durasol, your choices and options are vast.
  3. 99% Customer Satisfaction – Much of our growth and success has come from customer referrals. KE Durasol customers that have been satisfied with the quality of our products and the service that comes with it constantly recommend KE Durasol to their friends and neighbors and continue to purchase our products.
  4. Long-Term Investment – Your investment in a quality long-term shading product, installed by professionals will provide you with a better lifestyle your family will enjoy for years to come.
  5. Solar Protection You Can Count On – Our products offer you a better solution to your solar protection needs while providing you cool, shaded comfort and enhancing the beauty and decor of your home. (Reduce Your Energy Costs) KE Durasol awnings help block the sun’s rays giving you up to a 90% reduction in solar heat gain. Save up to 25% on cooing costs because an awning can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees.
  6. The Job is Done Right the First Time – When you have a professional dealer install your new awning you get the most for your money as well as the satisfaction of knowing the job is complete.
  7. Install your awning on virtually any surface: on a wall, over a window, under a skylight, over a pool, on your roof, under a soffit, over a solarium, on a boardwalk, or even free standing out in the open, the possibilities are endless.
  8. KE Durasol believes in having experts install your product. KE Durasol dealers are trained experts that will ensure your awning is installed safely and securely.
  9. We use only the finest materials available from around the world to produce truly superior additions to your home. Long-lasting fabrics made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric sewn. Long-lasting Gore® Tenara® thread. The colors stay bright, resisting the elements and moisture. Our exclusive fabric lines add to the uniqueness of our products.
  10. Commercial awnings – known for exceptional quality and service throughout the United States. Give your business a unique identify and improve visibility and traffic with graphics. A wide and growing range of outdoor motorized, retractable, and stationary awnings for all manner of commercial and industrial window, door, and free standings units spruce up your business’s appearance and protect clients from the sun and inclement weather.