A100 can fit into small verandas, terraces providing continuous shade and cover

A unique rainproof retractable fabric roof system

The Gennius A100 model is a unique model; perfect for shading smaller areas.  This retractable pergola awning isn’t just heavy-duty enough to handle inclement weather… it was specifically designed for it!


The A100 Gennius guide rail profiles are supported by integrated extruded aluminum  structural rafter and column (post) framework.   The maximum projection of this Gennius model is 18′, with and maximum width of 42’8″.


Integrated rain management technology captures rainfall and routes it into its gutter and down the front support posts away from you and your guests.


The Gennius has a protective hood covering the fabric when in the retracted position.  It is engineered with  a special 7-layer aluminum panel that is rain drop quiet, and unobtrusive.  The waterproof, fire-retardant fabric protects from  damaging and uncomfortable UV light and heat,  keeps the rainwater off of the space it protects.

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Why A100 can fit into small verandas, terraces providing continuous shade and cover?
  • Refined, contemporary design

  • Waterproof, Flame Retardant fabric available at 100% or 90% Opaque

  • The 21' maximum projection makes this Gennius perfect for residences or smaller areas

  • Motorized operation with remote control

All models Gennius are tested and have been certified CE
The recommended maximum size is: in Width 42'8" in Projection 18'
Available colors for the structure
RAL 9010 White RAL 1013 Sand Charcoal
Installation and maintenance
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Technical details
  • Fully encloses with optional manual or motorized solar screen shades
  • Can be fully enclosed with glass screens for a more unique look
  • Push-button motorization
  • Fully automated with sensors and timers
  • Wall / ceiling mountable with adjustable front support post

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