Gennius Isola 2 is the brand-new pergola system by KE. Minimal design meets technology and reliability.

With this new unit KE strengthens its worldwide presence proving, once again, to be the leading company in the solar shading world.

Innovation, exquisite designs, extensive product range and customized solutions; these are the strong points of Gennius pergola system and we are thrilled to add the Isola 2 to our family of products.


The Isola 2 can be easily adapted to any space and can protection from harmful UV rays, wind, and rain. Dedicated perimeter gutters channel rainwater into the integrated system into the downspout.

Extremely easy to install the Isola 2 can be adapted to any space. Its arched shaped roof allows for overall maximum dimensions and the linear design enhances any décor and outdoor space. Moreover, the wide fabric selections for covering the roof and the integrated lighting system surrounds the perimeter of the Isola2 offering a high-end level of customization and personalization that fits each customer needs. Enclose your Isola2 with drop screens or glass screens as an additional protection to weather.

Taking advantage of the latest state-of-the-art automation technology by downloading the app to your smartphones and tablet giving you control of your Isola2 24/7.


As an energy saver, the Isola2 suits customer needs all year round. During summer, the pergola cuts down on air conditioning usage by maximizing your outdoor space. During the winter months heat is dispersed allowing for a more comfortable room temperature.

All of our Gennius products go through vigorous testing and have achieved the CE marking as a guarantee of its quality.

KE guarantees a high reliable technological product designed for you to take advantage of the outdoors all year round, enhancing your outdoor experience with style.

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Why ISOLA 2?
  • MInimum overall dimensions

  • Linear design

  • Latest home automation app

All models Gennius are tested and have been certified CE e CE - EN 1090 e Wind resistance class 6
Self-standing version 18’ x 23’ dimensions with 4 columns and 18’ x 32’ with 6 columns
Available colors for the structure
Installation and maintenance
Available colors. Contact us
Technical details


GENNIUS Isola 2 – pergola system with aluminium structure, available in self-standing or against wall versions

Perimeter side height: 11.75”

Self-standing version 18’ x 23’ dimensions with 4 columns and 18’ x 32’ with 6 columns

Against-wall version in 18’ x 23’ with 2 columns and 18’ x 32’ with 3 columns

Dimmable led lighting integrated optional installation in gutter

Optional: zip screens

Stainless steel bolts and screws

Fabric carrying crossbar profiles with reduced pitch at 5.7” height on max sizes

Wall-parallel and perpendicular crossbar profiles option


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