Superior Solar Protection

SunStructure products are unique and designed for both residential and commercial settings. Excellent for locations that require unusual shading and/or waterproof solutions. Create a lasting impression and a cool, relaxed mood.

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Why SunStructure?
  • Tempo is available as a self supporting stand

  • Pinnacle One can be combined with multiple units creating a unique look

  • Pinnacle Two can be mounted on top to any existing structure

  • Choose from over 500 choices of top quality fabrics

All models Awnings are tested and have been certified CE
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Technical details


  • Self supporting stand designed to be used with our Triumph, Elite Plus, Regal, and Pinnacle
  • Frame color: Charcoal, Ivory, White, Sand
  • Steel base plates

Pinnacle One:

  • Retractable shading system that is used individually or combined with multiple units
  • Motorized
  • Frame Color: White Brown, Sand, or Charcoal
  • Wall Mount
  • Roof Mount

Pinnacle Two:

  • Retractable shading system that can be mounted on a pergola
  • Motorized
  • Frame Color: White, Brown, Sand, or Charcoal
  • For use on top of any existing structure

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