5″ Self-storing Cassette Housing Exterior Solar Screen Shade

CS5 Cassette Exterior Solar Shade

The Exterior Solar Screen Shade Cassette size 5″ is an efficient custom-made screen system with an integrated 5″ protective cassette. This exterior solar shade offers a variety of screen fabrics; as well as several different guide styles to allow complete customization based on your goals and the installation considerations.


The Exterior Screen Solar Screen is great for enclosing screen rooms, porches, patios underneath decks, and for covering windows that capture too much heat gain and glare.  Exterior solar shades are also great for sun-rooms & solariums to dramatically improve comfort while maintaining your view.

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Why 5″ Self-storing Cassette Housing Exterior Solar Screen Shade?
  • Premium grade screen fabrics

  • Practical, functional, and improves your comfort while maintaining your view

  • Decrease the fading of interior furniture due to harmful UV rays

  • Availble in: Charcoal, White, Brown, Sand, and Ivory

All models Screen Shades are tested and have been certified CE
The recommended maximum size is: in 5" cassette Drop with cable 16' in 5" cassette Drop with rod 10' in 5" cassette Drop with standard rail 16' in 5" cassette Drop with zip rail 16'
Installation and maintenance
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Technical details
  • 5″ size cassette
  • Drop with cable 16′
  • Drop with rod 10′
  • Drop with standard rail 16′
  • Drop with zip rail 16′

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